Lynchburg Guitar Lessons

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Absolutely the best experience with music my children have had. Tommy taught Jordan more in 6 months than he learned in two years from another guitar instructor. Tommy comes to your house so there is no driving or waiting for lessons. He builds his program around the individual taking lessons. His methods for teaching are adapted to the personality of the child. He has taught two of my children for two years. Great guy and the price is lower than other instructors we have tried. Highly recommend Lynchburg Guitar and Tommy Bryant. 
                                                                                                            Cary Sims, Mother

I'm 44 years old and had been trying to learn the guitar on my own, for about 6 months. I was having a hard time making it all come together, especially when dealing with the theory end of it. I found out about Tommy via the internet and gave him a call. Best decision I ever could have made, regarding my playing! I would recommend him to anybody. He has a real knack for explaining things so that I can grasp it quickly. He is well versed in many styles of music. One of his pluses, in my book, is his flexibility with the scheduling. And by giving one hour lessons instead of the normal half hour, one gets a lot more bang for the buck. But the most important thing is, after several months with Tommy, my playing is WAY ahead of where it would have been otherwise. Thanks Tommy!
                                                                                                            Tony Peeler, Student

I have been playing guitar for about 5-6 years, when I started taking lessons, and wanted to really learn about music theory and such. Tommy Bryant really helped me with this, He was a really great teacher, very knowledgeable and patient with me, if I was having a hard time understanding something, very good teacher, I would recommend him to anybody thinking of taking professional lessons.
                                                                                                   Seth Robinson, Student                            

“In my honest opinion Tommy Bryant is a wonderful guitar instructor. He is well versed in modern rock, classic rock, southern rock, and especially the blues! I've had such a tremendous time learning what I know from him. He is very patient and enthusiastic and i really appreciated all of his encouragement and attention to detail. If anyone is looking for a great guitar instructor, Tommy is an excellent choice!”  - David Lindsay, Jr., Student

“One of the most important telephone calls I made during summer vacation was in response to an ad in the Lynchburg paper for guitar lessons. My grandson had indicated an interest in guitar music in the past and what a great idea to get him involved in a worthwhile project. Tommy Bryant made guitar music and the instrument, including chords bars, notes, etc. with his wealth of knowledge in the subject, a very interesting experience for my grandson and one he looked forward to with great anticipation every week.” - June Anderson, Grandmother (434) 239-7005

“Tommy is a talented musician and an incredible teacher. His skill in communicating music theory concepts and his passion for helping young people make Tommy an ideal instructor. I feel truly blessed that he is teaching my boys." - Jeni Willoughby, Mother

“Our daughter has taken lessons from Tommy Bryant, of Lynchburg Guitar Lessons, for the last 8 weeks and I can not say enough about our experience. Caroline has fallen in love with the guitar and the detailed 1hr lessons have drastically improved her knowledge of how to play. Her confidence has sky-rocketted and her excitement for music is amazing! We have signed on for the next level, intermediate, with Lynchburg Guitar Lessons and eagerly await her next session. Tommy does a tremendous job of teaching and explaining the details of music so that students grasp learning and form a solid foundation in which to build - I would highly recommend Lynchburg Guitar Lessons for any guitar student on any level!” - Ashley McLaughlin-Toman, Mother

Our son had never played guitar before, and started taking lessons less than a year ago.  Tommy has taught our son how to read music, play several scales and write music and lyrics on top of playing the guitar.  With Tommy’s personality, our son is extremely comfortable during the lessons.  Tommy’s attitude is complimentary and encouraging.  Our son thoroughly enjoys learning the guitar and looks forward to each lesson.  An added benefit is Tommy comes to our home for the lessons.  We feel fortunate to have Tommy instructing our son.
Mary Daily, Mother

I LOVE Lynchburg Guitar Lessons! I am so glad I met Tommy Bryant through his Mom. In the past I was taken my son to another place in Lynchburg. It was expensive for such a short amount of time, out of my way, and they were not able to help me with my busy schedule. Now, I don’t have to worry about the price or the scheduling. Tommy works with me since I am a single mom and sometimes I may have to switch to different days for lessons. Tyler enjoys having lessons for an hour instead of just a half an hour! The best part of all is that Tommy teaches the lessons in my own home, I don’t have to rush from work. Tommy is well rounded in his music and he connects really well with Tyler. He has helped Tyler in many ways, even outside the lessons.

Thank you Tommy for all that you do! Many blessings to you and the company!

Mercy, Mother

I gave my husband guitar lessons for his Christmas present.  He's been trying to play the guitar most of his life, he's 62.  Tommy came to our house for the lessons which was a blessing.  Glen learned so much from Tommy.  Tommy was really patient with him.  I would recommend Tommy to anyone that wanted to learn how to play guitar.

Donna Stern, wife

I am pleased to be able to write this recommendation for Tommy Bryant. He has been my classical guitar instructor for the past 7 months. 
I have found Tommy to be a superb musician with a solid grounding in music theory and a love of teaching.
His technical skills coupled with the right degree of patience allows the student to extend and stretch himself to become a better and more accomplished guitarist. I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Tommy whether or not your desire is to learn classical,blues,rock,folk, bluegrass or any other style.
BTW I am 67 years old.Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Ted Mathews. My email is

Kacey of Lynchburg Guitar has given my daughter lessons for six months.  Kacey is always on time and she never leaves early.  Kacey doesn't waste time during the sessions but uses every moment playing, teaching, and singing.  My daughter is a special needs student and Kacey is sensitive to her emotional issues, understanding my daughter's quirky behavior and responding approriately and kindly.  Kacey is educated about all eras of music and lends culture to my daughter's musical preference.   shows interest in the types of music my daughter likes and researches those interests which shows in the way she comes prepared for each lesson. 

Miss Olivia Rosalind Dodson, BS, MA , Mother